For local food branding and promotion of tourism in the area we have established a the “Taste of Artsakh” Eco-Market for sale of the ecovillages  products at the road Stepanakert- v. Vank (near the road to Astkhashen-Patara). The seasonal market will provide tasting and sale of rural products at place: jams, juices, tea, yogurt, bread, etc. Ecotourism and local product sale will create new jobs for the local population, especially for the youth and will promote the development of agriculture.

The “Taste of Artsakh” Eco-Market was established in the frame of “The branding, advancement and realization of local food and products in villages Patara and Astghashen” project, which is implemented by the “World Independent Youth Union” NGO in the frame of grant competition announced by the Armenian Youth Foundation  (partner organization of the President of Republic of Armenia).