“EcoKhndzristan” ecovillages network offers for the visitors to organize their active leisure and hiking by using ecotourism trails surrounded by beautiful nature and historical sites. We have designed, marked and equipped with signs two ecotourism trails: Astghashen-Patara (compsed of 3 sections: Astghashen, Berd and Amenaprkich) and Khndzristan-Kachaghakaberd.

 Ecotourism Trail №1 Astghashen-Patara
Section “Astghashen”
Duration: 40-60 minutes
Distance: 1.2 km
Complexity: easy
Historical sites: Church “St. Gevorg” (1898)
Nature: Fossil Sea Lilies (165-170-mllion-years-old)
Water source: Yes

Section “Berd”
Duration: 8 hours
Distance: 11 km
Complexity: difficult
Historical sites։ Chapel-Church (12-13th century), Cross-stones, Ancient village “Uzun Tegher”
Nature Monuments: “Kapen Tsov” and “Salin” Tsov
Water source: Yes

Section “Amenaprkich”
Duration: 8 hours
Distance: 10 km
Complexity: difficult
Historical sites: Church “Amenaprkich” (13th century), Church “Tsera Nahatak” (9th century), Ancient village “Tsera Nahatak”(9-13th century), Cross-stones
Nature: Waterfall “Shrshran”, “Ttu jur” mineral water source
Water source: Yes

  Ecotourism Trail №1 Khndzristan-Kachaghakaberd
Duration: 9 hours
Distance: 13 km
Complexity: difficult
Historical sites։ Fortress “Kachaghakaberd” (8th century)
Nature։ Forests, beautiful view from the top of the mountain
Water source: Yes

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