EcoTourism and Environmental training in ecovillages


The Earth is our home, regardless of our nation, religion, position and views, our duty is to take care about it, keep it clean and harmless. All environmental problems occurred in any country affect not only neighbor countries, but also generally whole world.

This was the main reason for the Armenian volunteer Silva Shoushi Arslanian from Argentine and from Birthright Armenia foundation was inspired to come to Artsakh, to Patara, Astghashen and Khndzristan ecovillages to transfer environmental knowledge to young habitats of villages. Silva conducted a three week training (31rd January – 21st February) for the young habitats of first ecovillages in Artsakh, she encouraged them to love, to care about nature, to protect it. Also she introduced the main types of ecotourism, compared the environmental problems and the ways of developing tourism with Argentine.

Young participants were mainly interested in the topic of “Organic and None organic Garbage“, because utilizing rubbish is one the main problem of the villages.

The training was held by the help of many interactive games and practical lessons. Participants were taught how to welcome and greet tourists in their villages, how to keep clean the village.

The “EcoKhndzristan” ecovillage network initiative is grateful to Silva for her very productive workshop. We hope that the time spent in Artsakh was also useful and pleasure for her. Our team is also grateful to the Birthright Armenia foundation and AYDC NGO for cooperation.