Trainings in the first ecovillages of Artsakh


On November 24-27, the ”Ecokhndzristan” ecovillage network initiative organized series of trainings and workshops in three ecovillages of Artsakh: Patara, Khndzristan and Astkhashen. The trainings were organized  in the frame of “Development of ecotourism in EcoKhndzristan ecovillage network” and “Branding, promotion and organization of sale of rural products in Patara and Astghashen communities of NKR”  projects, which are implemented in the frame of grant competition announced by the Armenian Youth Foundation (partner organization of the President of Republic of Armenia).

There were following topics: Ecotourism and biodiversity of the area, wild growing plants and organic food,  product packaging, branding and sale organization. The abovementioned trainings were held in the village, as well as group workshops with trainers and invited experts for interested participants were also organized. During events, the villagers showed great enthusiasm and activity.