Transportation services

We suggest transportation services to ecovillages – cars and bikes for rent, transportation by buses and microbuses. For additional information and for the orders write us: E-mail

How to get to ecovillages


Astghasehn village is located 18,7 km, Patara- 24,3 km, and Khndzristan 24 km far from Stepanakert. For getting ecovillages you go from Stepanakert by car on Stepanakert-Askeran-Martakert highway, then you continue the way on North-South highway to the crossroud leading to Astghashen and Patara and turn to the left  to the ecovillages. For getting Khndzristan ecovillage you should continue North-South highway and turn to the left from the crossroad to Khndzristan. The road is equipped with signs.

  Public Transport

From Yerevan to Stepanakert you may go from “Kilikia” Station by microbuses (the ticket price is 5000 AMD, at 8:00, 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, the duration is 6 hours). From Stepanakert to Khndzristan the buses run from the city station every day at 16:00, except Sundays, from the village to Stepanakert at 7.30. The ticket price is 400AMD. The buses from Stepanakert to Patara go every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday at 15.45, from Patara to Stepanakert- at 8.00. The ticket price is 400 AMD.


From Yerevan to Stepanakert you may take a taxi from “Kilikia” Station (8000-10.000 AMD/person). Then take a taxi for getting to Khndzristan, Patara or Astghashen (4000-5000 AMD).